I don’t have time for another “project.” How much of my time will this review take?

Once the available information from your files is provided or online access is granted, we will prepare the necessary letters to your agent and/or insurance company. Your time commitment only involves executing the requests we provide to you.

How will my agent handle the news that his/her work will be reviewed?

Most insurance agents recognize that what is good for the client is what matters. Most agents do not have the time or the resources to conduct the detailed retrospective review that they will receive from us.

Why do we need your services when my agent already does that for us?

It is impossible for your agent to verify all of the details involved in your premium calculations or conduct the 5 to 7 year retrospective review that we do. Often times, agents do not receive copies of your experience rating work–‐ sheets or auditor worksheets to review their accuracy. In fact, after the insurance company’s annual audit is completed, agents send a letter to the client requesting that the client review the audit for accuracy. Without these documents, it is impossible to verify whether or not you were charged the correct premiums.

My insurance company just performed an audit. Why do I need your services?

Insurance companies perform an annual audit to determine the actual payrolls for the past policy year. The auditor, who works for the insurance company, is not there to locate overcharges.

What will my insurance company think?

Insurance companies want to be sure that the rules and regulations are mandated by the state’s Department of Insurance or the state’s workers’ compensation laws are followed. Our review will confirm compliance with these rules and regulations.

In which industries do you find the most overcharges?

Through our experience, we have found that our recoveries are not industry dependent. We have been successful in recovering overcharges in many industries including but not limited to auto dealerships, construction, health care, restaurants, temporary labor services and manufacturing.

What happens if you find an error in our favor?

We contract with you and look out for your best interest. If we find an error in your favor, we will indicate the error to you, but will not request any corrections that are not to your benefit.

We are concerned with confidential nature of the information involved. Who will see the information?

Privacy is the highest of importance to us. We have a confidentiality clause in our Agreement and will be happy to execute a separate Disclose Agreement. Your only contact will be with WorkComp Premium Recovery Group. Once the audit is complete, all documents are shredded.

We are happy with our insurance company and get money back each year.

Typically when you get money back each year it is only because your final premium is lower than your estimated premium. Thus, you most likely made insurance payments based on higher estimated payroll as compared with your actual payroll, and are getting back only the money that you previously paid your insurance company.