Bottom Line IncreaseIn today’s economy, many companies are struggling to stay in business. Faced with rising costs, those that are still in business are having a difficult time growing. What if there was a way to reduce your expenses? What if there were government programs available to you on a state and federal level? This is where Kalbrosky Associates comes in.

Kalbrosky Associates, a team of engineers, IP attorneys, senior tax consultants and service specialists with more than 20 years of cost reduction experience.

Our team begins with a basic business assessment to determine if your business qualifies for services such as Worker’s Compensation Premium Recovery, Merchant Services Fee Optimization, Bank Service Fee Recovery and Optimization, Zero­Cost Processing for credit cards, Class Action Settlement Recovery, Property Tax Mitigation, Shipping Audit and Waste Audit. You may save through energy management systems, energy deregulation programs or conducting a utility audit.

We are advocates for your bottom line, We have recovered over $350 million for our clients so far. Do you want to know how much you are qualify for?

It’s a no­ lose situation. If we do not find your organization savings, there are no fees.